Electric Vehicles – Fast. Quiet. Better.

EV Rental

We have been offering electric vehicle rentals in New Zealand since 2015. We have several different cars to choose from across four locations: Auckland, Waiheke, Whangarei and Christchurch. The first charge is included in the price and we provide a portable charging cable so you can top-up overnight on multi-day rentals. Check our booking calendar for current availability and pricing.

EV Experience

We launched these popular packages to help people considering making the switch to an EV. In addition to a 4-day rental the package includes an introduction to EVs and different charging options, as well access to our support phone number in case you have any questions during your trial. The package also includes discounts off our broker service and range of charging products.

EV Service

Our workshop in Auckland specialises in servicing of electric vehicles, in particular the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-Miev. We also stock and sell a range of spare parts for these vehicles as well as portable and wall-mount charging solutions for all EVs, including the popular “RAY” and “HALO” product lines from Charge Amps in Sweden.

EV Shop

In addition to all the used electric vehicles and new Fonzarelli eScooters we offer for sale, we also stock a range of charging products and accessories, new and used EV panels and parts and recycled battery modules. Most of these products and parts are stored at our warehouse shop in Avondale Auckland.