Rental Vehicles

All of our EV Rentals are 100% electric – they’re fast, quiet and easy to drive (especially good on steep hills). Their clean and quiet motor allows a nicer driving experience and they are also much cheaper to run than conventional cars at around $4-$5 to “fill up”. They do have less range than conventional cars, but ranges are improving and there are now more than 50 fast charging stations around the New Zealand, so range is becoming less and less of an issue. All of our cars come with a portable charging cable for topping up overnight on multi-day rentals and as the first battery charge is on us, you don’t have to worry about recharging the car before bringing it back!

Mitsubishi i-Miev

Nissan Leaf

Tesla Model S (Finally Here)

Rent an EV and save $$$ on fuel!

Rental Locations

The map below shows our rental and self-service pickup locations around New Zealand. Please note that several of
our locations are “pick-up only”, so please book in advance.


Rental Rates & Options

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Our rental prices for a Nissan LEAF are based on base daily rates with discounts given for multi-day rentals. For current availability and pricing check our booking calendar (see link in the column to the right).

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Our standard rental rates are per calendar day or part thereof, but we understand that some customers may prefer a 24-hour period. If this is you, please set the rental period to cover the first and last day of your booking and use voucher code “24HR” to receive a $30 discount on your last day.

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Your first charge is included in the rental rate – so you don’t have to worry about recharging the car before returning it to us. If you will be keeping the car for several days then make sure you will be able to charge it overnight. The portable charging cable supplied with your cars can be plugged into a caravan socket or any standard 3-pin socket in New Zealand. A full recharge takes 6-12 hours (depending on socket / current selected) and uses about $4 of power.



Our rental vehicles come with 3rd Party insurance cover from NZI and are internally insured by Blue Cars for damage to our vehicles. The insurance excess for our standard rental rates is $2,000 per accident or incident. The customer can elect to pay an additional $15 per day to reduce their maximum liability to $200. The applicable excess assumes the customer has not acted negligently or wilfully caused damage (see our Terms & Conditions for full details).

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Option Description and Notes Cost Per
Child Seat For children under 7 years [2]. $8 Day
GPS Device Portable GPS device [2]. $8 Day
Extra Driver Additional driver FREE Day


1. Available on Waiheke and in some areas of Auckland and Whangarei. Call us for a quote.

2. Subject to availability. We advise booking these items at least 3 days in advance.

Try an EV first and we will deduct the cost if you then decide to buy!

EV Experience Packages

Some people eagerly adopt new technology, while others need more time to consider all the benefits before making the switch. We’ve put together our EV Experience packages to give you a chance to see what it’s really like to live with one of these cars, so you can be sure it will meet your needs before you commit to buying one!



  • Introductory lesson to EVs and Charging
  • Rental of an EV for your choice of 4 or 7 days
  • Support if you have any questions or concerns
  • Discount on our broker service and charging products


Option Description and Notes Cost
4-Day Package Introduction; 4-day rental; 24/7 support; Extra discount $299
7-Day Package Introduction; 7-day rental; 24/7 support; Extra discount $399

For our better health, the environment & economy!