There are typically four options:

Hard Wired:

This is a on the wall unit which can be installed by Blue Cars. It is a 16 amp socket installed to the wall and will allow you no fuss charging when you arrive home.

Mobile Charger:

All electric vehicles come with these as a manufactures standard. You will need to ensure the current drawn through the charger is less than the wall socket you will be plugging into.  These Chargers are used for when you are travelling away from home and need to top up. They can still be used for normal at home charging. Blue Cars has a variety of these available.

Plug Share:

Whilst travelling away from home you may want to take advantage of free electric car charging.


can direct you to the nearest charging station whether it be a nice persons house or a commercial location e.g. Sylvia Park Shopping Centre in Auckland.

Fast Charging Units:

One of our partners ChargeNet is installing a network of fast chargers around the country. Please visit their website for further details.