1. Check power socket is rated a minimum  of 10 Amps (or 16 A if using higher Nissan charger)
  2. Turn off the car
  3. Open the charging port on the car – there is a small lever to the right and below the steering wheel (it is at aproximately mid shin height)
  4. Under the car’s charging trap door there are two plugs:
    • Small plug on right is “Type 1” AC charging (typically your mobile charger). Use any of these chargers with this plug:
      1. JuicePoint charger (8 A)
      2. Nissan charger (12-15 A)
      3. Public charging stations (see PlugShare)
    • Larger plug on left is for DC charging (External CHAdeMo charger – Whangarei only)
  5. On the charging box press the silver button, so it is level.
  6. On the top of the dashboard near the windscreen there are three Blue LED light
    • One flashing = car is charging (0, 1 or 2 of the others may be ON)
    • Blinking in cycle = timer is set, car will start charging at configured start time. To bypass the timer press the clock button which is found to the right of the steering wheel.