Quick Start Guide

Nissan Leaf


    1. Unlock the car with key or button on front door handle.
    2. If charging – unplug charger cable and place in the trunk of car.
    3. Sit in car and make sure the key is in the front of the car near driver.
    4. DEPRESS the brake pedal + PRESS the power button (left of the steering wheel).

aleaf on button-CIMG7915

5.Check that the “READY to drive” indicator light illuminates (green car):

aleaf ready to drive lights-CIMG7916

Get Ready to Drive

  1. DEPRESS the brake pedal
  2. Press the PARKING BRAKE lever down – red LED turns OFF
  3. alearf parking break lever OFF-CIMG7918

  4. Shift the gearstick lever to select desired driving mode as per table below:
Driving Mode Action Required
Park Press “P” button on top of the gear stick
Reverse Shift gear stick RIGHT + FORWARD
Drive (forward) Shift gear stick RIGHT + BACK (Once)
Economy (forward) Shift gear stick RIGHT + BACK (Twice)

aleaf in gear lights-CIMG7919

4. Check in dashboard that correct gear has been selected.

Reverse (“R”) Drive (“D”) Economy (“ECO”)

aleaf in gear lights on dash-CIMG7920

Driving Range

  1. The nominal driving range is approximately 120 km per full charge.
  2. To maximize your range, keep the car in “Eco” mode and drive defensively.
  3. The KM indicator is an estimate or range remaining, based on current conditions:
    aleaf km indicator on dash-CIMG7921

4. The table lists factors that affect driving range:

Factor Range
Driving in “Eco” mode This will increase your range by 10%
Use of “Heating” or “Air Conditioning” This will reduce your range by 10%



  1. When you are ready to park the car, press the “P” button on the gearstick.
  2. Lift the “Parking Brake” lever to engage the parking brake – the red LED comes ON.

    aleaf parking break lever ON -CIMG7917
  3. Check remaining range is okay for your next journey – if not you should charge the car.
  4. Press the power button to the left of the steering wheel to turn the car off.
  5. Pull blue lever to the right of steering wheel (if you want to charge).

  6. aleaf charging flap lever-CIMG7925


  1. Do not plan to drive further than the typical range of your rental vehicle.
  2. Check the KM remaining before you depart and talk to us if you are unsure about range.
  3. If you become concerned about range during your trip, please contact us before you run out of charge. We can help you choose the best action and avoid possible inconvenience.