Buyers Guide

Why choose a Nissan LEAF over other EVs

  1. Highest-selling EV (over 180,000 units worldwide).
  2. Great reliability track record (on the road since 2011).
  3. Best value available (from $20k used or $40k new).
  4. Good crash-test results and safety record.

“Gen 1” vs. “Gen 2”

This refers to the production year:

Generation 1 cars were manufactured in 2011 / 2012 Generation 2 cars were manufactured in 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015
Typical range of 120 km Typical range of around 135 km
Cost from around $20 k (used) Cost from around $28 k (used)
New price in New Zealand is $40 k (as at June 2015) Not available new in New Zealand (as at June 2015)


Model X vs. Model G

This refers to the production “Grade”:

“X” is the standard production grade “G” is the higher specification grade
Standard features Extra features (e.g. – PV panel on rear spoiler)
Cost from around $20 k (used) Cost is typically higher than for the “X” model vehicles


Other Tips

  1. Odometer: Under 10,000 km is best… lower asking price may be due to higher km’s.
  2. The battery capacity indicator should show 12/12 (or price reduced respectively).
  3. Car should have modified charger, band-expander and reversing camera.
  4. Check it comes with two keys… replacements cost $400 each!
  5. Buy an 8 A mobile EVSE so you can charge anywhere!

Where to Buy

We don’t sell EV’s, but we’ve partnered with Autolink Cars Ltd in Auckland. Any of our customers who purchase an EV from Autolink can get $500 off the “window” or “Buy Now” price… Just be sure to get a referral from us first!

Autolink specializes in the importing and selling of Nissan LEAF vehicles, including both Gen 1 and Gen 2 models in a variety of colours, conditions and price ranges.

To check out the cars they have in stock have a look on TradeMe or visit their yard at:

Autolink Cars Limited
428 Great North Rd
Grey Lynn


Why we partnered with Autolink

  1. They do a proper job of preparing the cars for New Zealand
    • Modify the Nissan mobile charger to work with 230 V (Japan uses 200 V)
    • Install band-expander so you can get local radio stations
    • Install reversing camera for convenience/safety.
  2. They have a lot of experience with Nissan LEAF and have negotiated a deal with Nissan HQ in Japan to ensure their customers can get their cars serviced at Nissan-certified service centres in New Zealand.
  1. They have the biggest range of used Nissan LEAF vehicles in stock, so potential buyers have a good range of different model-years, grades and colours to choose from.
  1. As a large and established business, we think it’s more likely that they’ll still be around and able to help you if you have any trouble with your used import.


Happy hunting for your dream EV!

– The Team at Blue Cars emoji