Becoming a Location Partner


Blue Cars was founded in 2015 with a vision of helping to accelerate the uptake of electric cars in New Zealand. By offering EVs as rental cars, we make it easier for people to try one while raising awareness about them too. In our experience (and we have a lot of it), this is the best way to help people overcome their outdated perceptions about EVs!

In order to grow quickly with limited capital, we have adopted a variation to the usual business model for rental car companies. Instead of renting our cars from a few base rental locations, we are partnering with lots of businesses to place one or two cars at their location. We are looking in particular for businesses that can recognize the mutual benefit in partnering with us.

This photo shows one of our rental EVs next to e-Bikes on display outside Urban Cleantech’s showroom in the heart of Auckland City. We have free use of the parking space in exchange for bringing potential customers to Urban Cleantech’s showroom – a great win-win arrangement with obvious benefits to both parties. (Aug 2015)

Partner Benefits

Businesses that want to work with us and meet our eligibility criteria may be offered a chance to become a Blue Cars “Rental Location Partner”.

Besides the marketing value of partnering with a Kiwi business that has strong social values and respect, our Location Partners receive the following five benefits:

  1. Promotion of your business and location on our website, social media and other channels.
  2. Cross-referrals and increased flow of potential customers to your business location.
  3. Discount of 15% on rental bookings from any of our locations in New Zealand.
  4. Discount of 25% on hourly-rate use of un-rented vehicles at your location.
  5. Introduction lesson to the Nissan LEAF for your staff.

Eligibility Criteria

Many people and businesses have inquired about the possibility of partnering with Blue Cars. We would love to be able to work with all of them, but we need to manage our growth carefully and that means we have to be selective about who we partner with.

Besides the availability of a parking space that you would be willing to make available, there are four factors that we will consider when deciding which businesses to partner with:

  1. Whether your business values the promotion of EVs for the benefit of New Zealand.
  2. How you will benefit from partnering with us – we’re looking for win-win arrangements.
  3. Your opening hours and willingness to help look after our car(s) and customers.
  4. Practical issues (e.g. – security, payment facilities and access for charging).

How It Works

For interested businesses that meet our eligibility criteria and selection process, we will invite you to enter a 3-month trial agreement as detailed below. If both sides are happy to continue, we will look to enter a more detailed arrangement for a longer period at the completion of the trial.

  1. You will make available one parking space and power socket.
  2. Blue Cars’ customers may book a car on our website or directly at your business location.
  3. For all bookings from your location, you may invoice Blue Cars at a rate of $10 per booking plus $5 per additional day to cover your cost for power and other overheads.
  4. We will supply a “Booking Code” for you to use with customer bookings you make in our booking system, to track where the booking has originated. You may invoice Blue Cars for an additional $5 per day of rental for bookings made using your booking code.
  5. In cases where our customer has not paid for the rental vehicle in advance, you will be expected to accept payment on behalf of Blue Cars.
  6. You will help our customers with, check the car for damage on return (you won’t be liable for any damage you fail to notice) and make sure the car is put onto charge.
  7. Blue Cars will invoice you once per month for any payments you process on our behalf.
  8. Both parties will publicize the partnership through social media and other channels.

1Our EVs come with a mobile charger and can charge from any standard 3-pin socket (10 A rating). If the trial partnership is successful we will look at options to install a fixed and higher power charger at the parking space.

2The cost to recharge one of our cars from flat is around $5 on standard residential rates. Our cars are typically returned with a part-charge and so the actual cost to recharge them is usually less than this maximum.

3We understand that your overhead costs will be higher than $5-$10 per booking, but we believe also that the value to your business from the benefits in partnering with us will be much greater than the difference.