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This page lists details and pricing on our range of EV charging cables and accessories. You may also want to consider buying a Blue Cars Voucher as a gift. Our vouchers can be used towards the booking of a rental EV, one of our EV Experience packages or the purchase of a charging cable or adapter.

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Safety Warning!

While generally safer than cars with internal combustion engines, electric cars can still pose a risk to life and property if used incorrectly. At Blue Cars we take safety seriously and we want to bring attention to some unsafe practices we have witnessed in the EV market in New Zealand.

Electric cars are usually sold with a portable EVSE (see below). Importers of used cars must modify this portable EVSE to use a New Zealand plug. Of the several options available, some importers use plugs that we think are unsafe and/or which pose an increased risk of starting a fire.

Please read the complete document here!


EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)

If you’re unsure of what an EVSE is and/or whether or not you need one, please check out our short introduction, “EV Charging Solutions” – download your copy here.


Mobile EVSE


Wall-mount EVSE


Adapters, Plugs and Sockets





Our prices listed listed on this website are all in NZD and include GST. We charge a flat rate of $10 for freight to anywhere in New Zealand, regardless of order size. For customers looking to order higher volumes we can offer discounts, please contact us for a quote.